Things to Do - Put Yourself Out There (ie. This Post is a Coupon)


I don't often post or talk about my "professional" photography on this blog. In part because this is a personal blog, thus such topics rarely come up. But further, because I'm still adjusting to calling myself a "photographer" and/or deciding if I want an actual business. But I'm reaching that point in life where I need to decide what I want to be when I grow up, to this end I met with a legal contractor and I photographed my fifth wedding, which made me realize how much I love photography work and documenting a couple's special day - from the bride getting ready to people on the dance floor, I really enjoy the experience of photographing the night as it unfolds - trying to catch moments that nobody else notices.

So I'm putting myself out there and admitting that I would love to photograph more weddings. Hundreds of weddings. I'm still learning, which means my rates are low and I'll give each and every wedding my all. So please spread the word. Anyone who mentions this post or this blog will receive $200 off weddings. Not sure if this is the best marketing strategy, but everyone has to start somewhere. (and, yes, i also photograph engagements and families and real estate, so keep me in mind). If you're interested email me at nomonstersinmybed@gmail.com for rate information and availability.



*Matisse and me.

*Monet in pipe cleaners. Wow.

*Playing with the Eames.

*Paper birds.


The bride's 99 year old great grandmother attended the ceremony. Unfortunately, she hates to have her picture taken. So I tried to be sneaky.


The ceremony and reception took place at the Thomas Birkby House, in Leesburg, which was lovely. And yes, the bride really is that beautiful.


  1. you go, lady. and i need to reschedule our family shoot!

  2. way to go! I love the composition of your pictures. Wish I was getting married in the DC area :)

  3. totally fantastically wonderful! my favorite thing in the world is wedding photography...and videos.. as in I am always online looking at wedding photographers pictures! If I know anyone who is getting married I will let them know about you!!!! congrats!

  4. I like your photos! They all have this nice natural look. Maybe I should get married again? ;-)

  5. Beautiful photos! I do have friends who I suspect will be engaged soon so I will point them in your direction when they start planning the big day!



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