Things to Make - Bleach Pen T-Shirts for Father's Day


Dan's weekend wardrobe needs a bit of a shake up. It's time for Phi Gam shirts circa 1995 to go in the trash. So we decided to make him some new t-shirts for Father's Day. The easy way. Who doesn't love a bleach pen?


1. Purchase plain t-shirts, preferably from a craft store (like AC Moore) where they are super cheap

2. Purchase a bleach pen, located by the bleach at target

3. Put a paper bag or piece of cardboard on the inside of the tshirt (so the pen won't leak through)

4. Tell your kids to draw with the pen

5. Let t-shirt sit with bleach on it, when the color looks "done" wash off the bleach in the sink (we let our tshirts sit for about 10 minutes)

6. Wash t-shirt in laundry machine

7. Gift t-shirt

Also, click here to see someone else's really snazzy bleach pen t-shirts. There's an art to this, we just haven't mastered it yet.



  1. This is a great idea! I have no idea where I can buy such a bleach-pen but I will keep this project in mind.

  2. I'd love to try this. Now all I have to find is a bleach pen. I guess the bottle full of liquid bleach won't do.



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