Things to Make - Kid Made Modern Diary Kits


Have you seen Todd Oldham's new Kid Made Modern line at Target? We're all a little obsessed with it lately (this post is entirely unsponsored, though I'd be thrilled if Todd Oldham decided to sponsor me). P loves her giant "jewel" crayon and crazy colored pencils. F loves the on-the-go drawing kit. And T likes to paint the birds.

Since we stayed with friends over Memorial Day I bought the girls diary Kits, hoping that they'd "art" peacefully at the table rather than destroy my best friend's house. Luckily, they really enjoyed the kits - the cool stamps, the bright colored markers, and especially the "special" pen (where you can change the ink color). They spent hours writing and drawing. I wish I could tell you more about what they created, but the girls banned me from looking at anything other than the front cover and the first page. Oh well, I guess all diaries need their secrets.


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  1. love it! We have the Kid Made Modern book, but are a few years away from really being able to do the projects in it. Saw these kits in Target and was wasn't sure they'd work for us yet either, but we'll give them a try now!



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