Places to Go - Jones Point Park (Alexandria, VA)


A few weeks ago, when the skies became overcast and the temperature dropped to a seemingly cool 85 degrees, the kids and I headed out to check out the new Jones Point Park in Alexandria (having heard about it through Kidfriendly DC and the new-to-us blog Preparing for Peanut). The park, located in Alexandria right off the river and under the bridge, is gorgeous. The grounds include: a few trails, piers for fishing, a beautiful lighthouse (you can't go inside), bathrooms, basketball hoops, and TWO unshaded playgrounds. Unfortunately, when we visited, I overestimated our comfort level at 85 degrees (once you factor in humidity it still felt like we live in an oven), so the kids lost interest rather quickly. Oh well, we definitely plan on returning in the fall, as this place is amazing.


*Thank you to Pocketchange for including me on its best of the web list!!

*This TV show looks good, I hope they air it in America (or I find somewhere online to watch it).

*Life in Olympic Increments.

*Pollock for kids - looks like the perfect end of summer activity.

*This site is awesome - tons of beautiful things to print (coloring pages, masks, cards, games, wall art, etc.) (link via Silly Eagle Books).



  1. Incredible shots!! So glad you made it over to Jones Point! And thanks for the shout out and for reading my my blog. I'll be checking back with you for more DC kid-friendly ideas!

  2. Ooh, I'm going to have to check this out soon. The last time I was at Jones park was years ago and it was an unofficial dog park (I brought my pooch). I'm guessing dogs no longer run free?



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