Places to Go (Vacation) - 5 Kid Road Trip - Chicago or Bust!


A few weeks ago, one of my best friends from high school flew from Denver to visit us, bringing along her incredibly chill 2 month old baby and her super nice 8 year old son. We brought then to a few of our favorite DC places - Mt Vernon, The Jefferson Memorial, The Uvar-Hazey Air and Space Museum, Spaworld, and (of course) The Arlington County Fair (not so surprisingly, the fair seemed to underwhelm them). And we drank lots of diet cube libres with peach rum (my newest beverage of choice), while the kids slip and slided and created matchbox race tracks throughout our house.

After a few days of touristing, Allison and I packed up all 5 kids (aged 2 months, 3, 5, 6, and 8) and loaded up the minivan to drive 730 miles to our hometown to visit our folks. We're brave like that (or naive).


Day 1, Mile 32 - Picking raspberries and digging for potatoes at Butler's Orchard. These kids need to work.


Day 1, Mile 72 - The C&O Canal Visitor Center in Hancock, MD. T pulled the curtains off the window and cried after the park ranger called him out for misbehavior. Good times. We then let them all loose to run. And somersault.

untitled (32 of 53).jpg

Day 1, Mile 262 - A hotel with a swimming pool and a much needed bottle of wine. F wrote love notes to Ryan Lochte. Apparently, 8 hours in a car with a real boy made her decide to start crushing on celebrities. Or maybe she just wanted to make A jealous (I don't think it worked).


Day 2, Mile 282 - Great Lakes Science Center (Cleveland, OH). A pirate ship on an outside deck made T's morning. Eight year old A seemed more impressed by the flight simulators in the science section.


Day 2, Mile 730 - Grandma's House with Murphy the dog and a backyard with room to run. And run. And run.

All in all, a good trip! Though A may never sit in a middle seat again. As for my car, it looks like a tornado tore through the inside, leaving lots of sticky surfaces in its wake.

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  1. Picking those raspberries looks fantastic!! my favourite fruit. i found you whilst blog hopping on the PocketChange blog. :-)
    Jennie. x



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