Places to Go (Vacation) - Lake Katherine (Palos Heights, IL)


A walk around the lake followed by huge ice cream cones = not a bad way to spend a morning, especially when the dog walks T and P plays Katy Perry on my iphone. Oh, the joys of nature.

Happy weekend everyone!! See you next week!!

*I love this "book art" (for lack of a better term).

*I want to make this. It looks yummy (if you like bananas).

*Albert Einstein in fuzzy slippers. Seriously.

*For local folks, KidFriendly DC has a great post about a rope course adventure for kids. Check it out here.



  1. Awesome.... I'm surprised the old ladies didn't yell at you for taking photos. They want anyone with a professional camera to buy a $75 permit.. gotta love Palos Heights.

  2. Marina - I had no idea, nobody said anything to me, $75 is absolutely ridiculous. I'm glad I got lucky. Though the lake is really beautiful, this is the first time i'd been there.



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