Things to Make - In the Hotel Room

For our vacation I ordered several sticker and stamp kits from Melissa and Doug (idea courtesy of the Sleepytime Gal), but they didn't arrive on time, so instead we made do with the following activities:


1. Curtain Hats. P's idea. Of course.

untitled (6 of 97).jpg

untitled (8 of 97).jpg

2. Goddess coloring book. The bride's mom bought the girls a Goddess coloring book and they LOVED IT. Every night new goddesses were presented to me, crayoned and beautiful.

T rejected the color in the lines approach and doodled on blank paper. I always bring clipboards to keep all the paper from getting scrunched and ruined.


3. Diaries. Always a sure way to keep things quiet for awhile.

untitled (2 of 97).jpg

4. Barbie Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio. We found this kit at Target and F really loved it. It comes with stencils and stickers (click here for the Amazon link).

untitled (2 of 63).jpg

untitled (7 of 63).jpg

5. Card Making. P decided to draw herself into the wedding. And she was quite proud of her "big black heart." (????)

untitled (47 of 60).jpg

6. Olympic Obstacle Courses. I don't have many pictures to demonstrate but going on vacation during the Olympics was probably my best idea ever. Every night we'd spend family time cuddled up on the couch eating popcorn and watching amazing athletes. Then the kids would come up with their own competitions - somersaults off the bed/couch ("wait! was I crooked? I don't want a deduction!"), sprints down the hall, laps in the hotel pool, etc. Good times. And I think Gabby Douglas is now equal to Katy Perry in P's worshipmeter, a definite improvement if you ask me (no offense, Katy).

How do you keep your kids entertained in a hotel room? I'd love to hear!!

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