Places to Go (Vacation) - Road trip to Canada, Part I - Indian Echo Caverns (Hummelstown, PA), & Rochester, NY


When I look back at this summer I'll probably remember it as an almost constant roadtrip, which isn't a bad thing. We've finally found a rhythm that works for us - me in the front seat listening to a book on tape (I HIGHLY recommend Tina Fey's Bossypants), T behind me watching Elmo or Dora, and the girls in the back playing with dolls, napping, and fighting/debating between Strawberry Shortcake movies (P) and Pixar movies (F). We can drive for hours like this - separate but together, each of us in our own entertainment zone until someone yells out "cow!" or "lake!" or simply "look!" and we all discuss the big event.

So when two of my favorite people decided to marry in Buffalo, NY this summer, I immediately started planning a family road trip. For the first leg of the journey Dan had to work, so the kids and I headed off to Indian Echo Caverns (outside Hersey) to explore underground wonders. The petting zoo and playground kept everyone entertained until our tour began. Once underground, the girls immediately expressed wonder and fascinating at the "cold" lair. But T, having read so many fairy tales, kept peaking around every corner for "the dragon" whose existence he believes in wholeheartedly. Whatever we said, he ignored. He knew a dragon would be there somewhere, luckily it apparently slept through our visit.


After the caverns, we headed to Rochester, NY, to visit a good friend and her family who moved away from Arlington a few years ago (everyone always leaves). They recently built a new house in a beautiful historic neighborhood, full of lovely trees and long sidewalks for exploring, running, and puddle jumping. We couldn't get enough! We also visited the National Museum of Play, which is HUMONGOUS!! You can't see the whole thing in one day. Upper-state NY happens to be an incredibly cool place (of course, we did visit in summer).


This might be the world's most loved cat. I almost forgot she was feline and started talking to her like a person. She seemed to "get" me.

And the beautiful little girl in the pictures? If F and P could choose a younger sister, we'd be taking her home immediately. Though she seems incredibly happy where she is.


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  1. It was SO great to see you all!! Thanks again for making the trip (and for saying nice things about the Roch!) :-) We love the photos and miss you all already. Can't wait to make it back to DC to visit -- hopefully in the fall!



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