Places to Go - The Jefferson Memorial (Washington D.C.)

jefferson memorial

Despite the fact that we live less than fifteen minutes from the National Mall, we rarely visit the monuments. Part of the reason has to do with a horrific experience involving F's desire at the age of 2 to climb all the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial (where to put the stroller? what if she falls? Or (more likely) what if one of the ten zillion tourists crushes her?). Further the parking situation by the reflecting pool never makes things easy. I find it grueling, at best.

But the Jefferson Memorial is an entirely different story. First of all, it has its own HUGE FREE parking lot, which took me over two years to discover. To get there just take the Park Police exit off of 395N and you'll find it. Second, crowds do not flock to the Jefferson Memorial in the numbers they do to the other memorials (except during cherry blossom season). And, most importantly, the statue itself is surrounded by huge beautiful lawns. If you have children these lawns are perfect for duck duck goose or picnics or even mild games of tag. And, if you go at night, the memorial is a great place to watch dusk fall over the city and the tidal basin. which is beautiful. My oldest daughter now asks to go to the "big statue" all the time. if you live in the DC area, you should go there. now. seriously. now.


  1. Darcy, gorgeous photos!!!! I wish I found your blog before this summer! I found you through BYW. I used to live about 15 minutes away from DC, too, but now we live in Indonesia. I love DC. Last time I went to the monument was during the cherry blossom season. My favorite season in DC. I went to see them 4 times!! Nice to meet you and I will come visit you again. Kaho

  2. I'm so glad you like it! Indonesia would be amazing, thought a long way from DC!



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