Places to Go - Nags Head, NC (The Outer Banks)






If you are a parent with young children (too young for school) or if you don't have children, there is no better deal on the East Coast than the Outer Banks after Labor Day. The rates plummet, the crowds leave, BUT the water is warm and the weather is perfect (usually mid-80s during the day, turning cooler at night). Since this is F's last year as a preschooler (next year = kindergarden, yikes) we couldn't wait to take advantage of the low September rent. We found this beautiful, beautiful house through a rental agency (there are literally thousands to choose from) and invited my parents to come with us. My dad has stage four cancer (he's doing incredibly well, but sometimes he has trouble walking), thus it was important to me that we booked an oceanfront house. But if you're flexible, there are tons of houses farther back for much cheaper (though make sure to rent somewhere that provides hurricane insurance, as it is the season).

So off we headed with a minivan full of stuff (including a bag of dinosaurs and several headbands). We haven't been to the beach in almost two years, plus, this was T's first trip ever, so I wasn't sure what the general reaction would be. Luckily, as soon as we arrived, the girls RAN onto shore and played and played (before we even had time to get bathing suits on them). And the baby would have walked into the ocean if it weren't for grandma (thank god for grandparents). So off to a good start . . .

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