Things to Do - Dance in a Circle

dance in a circle

A few weeks ago, we took the kids to Great Country Farms for their potato picking festival.** As we waited in line for the hayride to the fields, a bunch of the kids started dancing in circles. No music or anything. In bright sun (hence the bad quality of the pictures above). The great thing about kids is they take for granted that the journey is more important than the destination. Now if only I can do the same.

Have a great weekend everyone - if you need some inspiration, check this out!

Next week I have a whole series of "beach posts" from our trip to Nags Head, NC, so please stop by!

**By the way, if you ever have a chance, potato picking is completely amazing. We arrived at the field and all we saw was dirt and more dirt and we all looked like "seriously, this is the worst scavenger hunt ever." Then the tractor combed the field and all of a sudden there were potatoes everywhere. Thousands. Like magic. Of course, this was SO SO EXCITING that everyone ended up with more potatoes then they can possibly eat (one of my friends has $15 of potatoes in her pantry right now). In other words, expect potatoes for Xmas.


  1. I wonder when we lose this ability to take the journey for granted. I remember Sophia, Lyle and I would take walks to the park and we would always be telling Sophia to hurry up. For what, I wonder. It wasn't as if the destination was even a place that we would choose to go without her -- like we had to race to get there. So I wonder why were we so concerned that we hurry when she was perfectly content picking up sticks or leaves or whatever along the way.

  2. Sarah - I keep trying to reply to your post, but after what you said, anything I can think of sounds trite. Perfectly stated. I see a guest post in our future? PLEASE!!

  3. My family just loves GCF!! Potato digging is one of our favorite activities there!



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