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Last Thursday, we ended up at Patuxent, which was not the plan. Rather, we had planned on visiting Evergreen Museum & Estates (outside Baltimore), but the backed-up traffic on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway made it impossible to get there (okay, so maybe not "impossible" but incredibly difficult). Luckily, Patuxent is right off the Parkway, so it literally saved the day. Further, the beauty (and emptiness) of Patuxent quickly made us happy that our trip had been rerouted. After a very short trail (stroller friendly) we arrived at TWO large lakes (one may be more of a swamp than a lake, i don't know the scientific distinction).

Along the trail we saw - lovely benches, fields of wildflowers, butterflies everywhere, a beautiful boardwalk, and a lovely "house" with viewing windows (perfect for children and photographers) - all within the first quarter mile (we never made it farther than this). Further, Patuxent has a GIGANTIC nature center, though some of the exhibits are a little dated (think 1970s) and geared at slightly older children (lots to read).

I know they have tram rides on weekends (which sounds awesome) and other activities as well. Has anyone ever been? All in all, this place was pretty fun (though getting there was not, so it will probably be awhile before we go back).

Click here for more information - http://www.fws.gov/northeast/patuxent/index.htm

And click here for more information on the outside sculpture exhibit at Evergreen, which we had planned on visiting - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/05/13/AR2010051301849.html

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