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For those of you who have never been, Theodore Roosevelt Island is a great little enclave of nature in the heart of DC. First of all, the dirt path is stroller friendly (though it does get muddy after rain). Second of all, the path is a large circle, so it's pretty much impossible to get lost (and, yes, I'm the type of person who gets lost everywhere). Finally, and, most importantly, the scenery varies - it starts off as a walk through the woods, then you can dance/run/skip in front of a large statue with fountains (which, sadly, are turned off this summer), and the back half of the island is a beautiful boardwalk through marshlands. Plus, since it is an island after all, there are plenty of places to sit on the shore, throw rocks in the water, and watch the ducks swim by.

The downside is that the walk is a little long for young children (or at least for my young children) who tend to become bored about half way through the circular path. In order to try and make the fun last, we often have scavenger hunts for random nature stuff (a heart shaped rock, a big stick, the prettiest flower, the most colorful duck, etc.). Also, beware of poison ivy during the summer months. All that being said, it really is a beautiful place. Once, in the early morning, we even saw deer.

How about everyone else? Any other ideas for keeping children engaged in nature and being outside?

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