Places to Go - The Water Taxi from Alexandria to National Harbor





Do you ever have those days when you feel like doing something, but you don't feel like making any effort? My favorite cure for those days is the Water Taxi from Alexandria to National Harbor. Even though the ride is less than half an hour long, something about being on the water gives the illusion of a mini-vacation. Further, the taxi itself is actually very nice (water cooler, lovely bathrooms, upholstered seating). It feels wonderful to go somewhere and sit and have your kids sit and still have everyone happy. Once you arrive at National Harbor the kids can climb the Awakening statue (I'll post some pics at a later date), eat ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, eat a grassfed hamburger at Elevation Burger (YUM!) or devour Cakelove cupcakes. Then you take the ferry back - how relaxing.
(On the downside, the ticket price of the ferry is a little steep, so save this adventure for the perfect splurge day).

For more on the ferry and National Harbor click here -
(beware the sound is LOUD)

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