Things to Do - Grateful List (February 2013)

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* Watching House of Cards, Season 1 on Netflix (so so good)
* Listening to Josh Ritter's new album, The Beast in Its Tracks (possibly his best ever)
* Listening to War on Drug's Slave Ambient
* Reading The Newlyweds
* The kids all loving Fireman Sam
* Reading Emergent by Jill Talbot (Paris Review online)

* P Brennan's Sunday Brunch with live Irish music
* Buttermilk honey pie from A Beautiful Mess
* Surprise tatin (with potatoes and tomatoes) from Plenty: Vibrant Recipes from London's Ottolenghi
* Zucchini pizza bites
* A romantic homemade Valentine's day dinner (lamb chops, surprise tatin, bread salad (from Plenty)) while the kids partied at JW Tumbles


* A warm Sunday at the dogpark and the "airplane" playground
* The Kennedy Center's balconies


* Dan's love of his new ping pong table
* T's toothbrush timer

* T dressing himself in the morning (sometimes he does better than other times, but he's trying)
* T - "mommy, I made a new song - mommy loves me and I love mommy" (sorry for the cheese, but I'm crazy in love right now)
* P - "why do you buy fashion magazines? it sort of seems like a waste of money" (and that's when you know you're old)
* Great weekend dinners at friends' houses (thank you Beth, Rachel, and Shannon)
* Friends who help you rant
* T - "mom, look - here's my smile" (yes, total T cheesefest this month)
* An overheard conversation between P and her friend - P's Friend says "your mom is really weird"; daughter P replies "yeah, but she's unique. like she lets us write all over my bed and stuff. see, unique." (I would have rather had her defend my cool, but I'll take unique)
* T - "can we make a fort downstairs so we can play George Washingtons?" (he had me with the "s")
* T singing (at the top of his lungs) "this girls in on fire" and "hey ho"
* T - "wow, guys, this is an awesome cuddle"
* Doctors who (hopefully) know what they're doing


F - my family, Valentines, going to the art museum, art, the library, martial arts, our cousins, books, everything in our house, that we have a nice house to live in and food to eat

P - Lost Dog Cafe for dinner, getting Valentines, my family, mommy, the art museum, cartwheels, a [nice] sub at school, 100 days of school, our cousins, dinner at friends' houses, going to the dogpark, Brain Pops at school

T - That we go out to dinner with daddy, my family, going to school, my new builder belt, our cousins, the dogpark, the airplane playground, when Coco comes places with us

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