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* I cannot wait to watch this.

* By the seaside.

* A new way to look at recycled goods.

* Ross Sawyers.

* Some old things just have to go. Food for thought. Literally.

* GW as an artist. I hate the condescending tone of this article, but I agree that the painting itself is somewhat interesting.

* Rich block, poor block - google maps colored to show median neighborhood income. This is FASCINATING!!

* Evidence that I'm old.

* "Henry Busby makes me nostalgic for people I don’t know & places I’ve never been. Portraits & objects that look abandoned, have a stillness that seems ready to break. There is an underlying tension that everything is about to change."

* Global warming vs. tourism

* I'm not sure what to make of this - "the Reborn subculture, a growing group, almost exclusively women, who collect shockingly lifelike handmade dolls of newborn babies. Many of them treat the dolls as if they were real members of their families — taking them shopping and out to restaurants."

* Emergent. "If we are told stories about the past enough times, we begin to believe we were there, and my mother has put enough pieces of her childhood together for me that I can see the glow of the porch light from the front steps of that white house in East Texas. Looking back to that afternoon in Lubbock, I see my mother’s frame in the mirror, the blur of the kitchen as I ran by, the black skid marks I found in the street the next morning on my way to school. What I don’t see is what I wrote on my card to Stacy or the day she returned to school, if she did.

Memory forms, piece by piece. Some of them go missing, others interlock, firm. We fill in the missing pieces with what we imagine or just leave the gap, admit the blank. And sometimes, we imagine what might have been, would have been. I do this. I still wake in the middle of the night, imagine the outcome if we had stayed sleeping. It’s a jolt, like that moment when my mother pushed me into the house. Such near escape."

* Downton Abbey paper dolls.

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