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A few weeks ago, Under the Pecan Tree posted about using household items and art supplies to make portraits and I loved what they came up with. I planned on trying something similar, but then the temps actually rose above 45 degrees. So we scavenged outside for portrait-making materials. And then we arted.

What have you been making lately? We'd love to hear!

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  1. One of our author's, Cynthia, would love this idea! She recently wrote a post all about games you can create outdoors with your kids. The most relevant to this was creating a bingo game out of leaves, sticks, and other natural treasures from the outdoors. I've included a link to her article below. It's amazing how creative you can get with the outdoors. I grew up in a desert where spending time outdoors meant death certain death by sunburn and parched throat. I hope to find similar creative ideas when I transition into parenthood!



  2. Hi Darcy! Long time no see! Just wanted to say that your kids look so grown up, and it is such a joy to see all the fun and interesting activities you continue to do with them. I must admit that I don't visit your blog as often as I used to...not because I don't totally love it, but because visiting it makes me completely and miserably homesick! Wah! Thanks for your inspiring posts! Miss you guys and sending big hugs from Hawaii! ~Tracie

  3. That looks like a fun version of making portraits! I will keep this in mind for my kids. Nice to see that I inspired you :-)



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