Places to Go - The National Arboretum's Nature Playspace in the Washington Youth Garden (Washington DC)


A few weekends ago, when temperatures climbed into the high 60s/low 70s, we headed over to the National Arboretum for some family bonding time in the great outdoors (not sure if an arboretum really classifies as the "great outdoors" but I'm going with it). Usually, even on weekends, the Arb is not very crowded, but this time people were everywhere. Luckily, the Arb can really handle crowds (it contains over 400 acres). Plus, I enjoyed watching bike riding families circle the road, while picnicking couples took over the meadows and open spaces.

Anyways, after we strolled through Fern Valley, we decided to cross the street and check out the Washington Youth Garden, which we haven't visited in years (click here to see pictures from our last visit). The garden now houses a Nature Playspace, which is nothing short of "AWESOME!!". The playspace includes: two nature "pianos", a stage (T had a blast), "memory blocks", a dirt area (all three kids avoided this), and a wonderful walking course - full of wiggly planks and tree stumps (even I couldn't stop playing on it). Plus, the area also has tons of spaces for digging and exploring. We ended up staying over an hour. Such a great little "hidden treasure" for kids of all ages, I highly suggest a visit. Click here for more information.


Even I loved walking the planks. Round and round.


T loved carrying these around. He incorporated them in odd ways into his "performance".


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