Things to Make - The Best (Odd) Sandwich Ever

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I wish I could remember where I learned about this sandwich - somewhere in the internet void. As I read the recipe for the first time I thought "either this person is totally f***ing with me or this just might work." And now I'm addicted, forcing me to keep a stash of avocados handy at all times. I know how odd it sounds, but the sweetness of the bread combined with the saltiness of the feta makes for a win win combo.

INGREDIENTS: raisin bread, avocado, coconut oil, and feta

1. Toast the bread

2. Spread some coconut oil on the bread.

3. Add avocado and feta to taste.

4. Eat!!

1 comment:

  1. Well, Damn -- I'm going to have to try that. I make a toasted avacodo and chickpea sandwich but I can totally see the saltiness of the feta and tang of the coconut being amazing.



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