Places to Go - A Washington Wizards Game


A few weeks ago, a friend lent us her season tickets to the Washington Wizards (talk about amazing seats) at the Verizon Center. We brought the whole family (finally a Friday night out) and everyone (yes, all FIVE OF US) had a great time. First of all, the Wizards won (they beat the Nets) which I understand is somewhat unusual (I know shockingly little about professional sports). Great seats at a winning game were enough to put my husband in a wonderful mood and make him forget about work for awhile. F actually enjoyed learning basketball basics (such as "the goal of the game is to put the ball in the basket", wow we've been negligent on teaching sports to our children). P proved amazing acute at finding the cotton candyman ANYWHERE in the stands ("look, over there, behind that pole across the stadium, look up - I see him! I see him"). And after we finally bought her cotton candy she switched her attention to the ice cream man. T (who really was the wild card in all of this) loves any experience that includes music and lots of clapping, so a stadium full of applause made him quite content. As for me, an hour without whining = pure bliss (yes, my standards for bliss are pretty low right now).
If you're interested, click here for the schedule and to buy tickets.


*A friend sent me the link to this blog. The water and a hangover post had me cracking up.
*I stumbled onto this post of "extraordinary meetings" while looking for photos of Mia Farrow's haircut and it made my day. Who knew that Charles Bukowski hung with Madonna and Sean Penn? I wonder what they talked about. Or Alfred Hitchock and Andy Warhol?
*I really like this Wilco poster by Micah Smith. Wouldn't it look great in a kid's room?
*These handmade suzani pillows are beautiful - I would buy some if I didn't suspect that my kids would ruin them.
*Wow, check out these photos of Xavier Veihan's work at Versailles. Gorgeous. I love the purple balls.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Darcy! Glad your family enjoyed the game!



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