Things to Do - Buy Your Kids a Camera

The floor seems much closer when you're three feet tall.


Two Xmases ago (2009) Santa brought the girls a camera. At first, F took pics of everything (we filled up the memory card regularly), since then camera enthusiasm has wavered. At times it comes everywhere with us, other times it sits on a shelf for weeks. But in the last few weeks, F's taken decided to start "posing" her friends for pictures, with pretty cute results (see pics below).

Last week, I downloaded the girls' images for the first time in months and, after I erased about 50 black ones, I have to say that there was something sort of beautiful about seeing the kids' perspective on their world. I especially liked all the pics of toys and dolls - everyday things that I would never think to photograph. You never know which of your passions will stick with your children and which will be dismissed, but I'm glad to see that, at least for now, my love of photography has had an impact.



*I loved my wedding (for all of its barefoot and pregnant wonderfulness) but the pics of this wedding are so so lovely that I wish I could get married again and again (to the same man, of course). Dunton Hot Springs looks like paradise. You've got to love Colorado, is there anything wrong with that state (excluding the water crisis)?

*Is there anything cooler than Pinterest? Anything? It's like a huge index of everything you like, just drag and drop. If anyone is interested, I can invite friends to join, so let me know.

*Would you have a problem with another mom drinking wine while watching your kid/kids? Until I read this discussion thread it had never occurred to me that one wine glass could spark so much controversy. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

*This blog is just beautiful. Check it out.

Dinosaurs, ponies, and hamsters - that about sums it up.

Pictures from F's photo session. She said things like "now you sit here, not like that. like this. look at the camera. now try it looking away . . . "


  1. Hello my fellow blog award winner from Bad Hausfrau :) I adore your blog! My kids both have cameras, which makes it easier to convince them to go with us on walks. Have just moved to the UK from Colorado, yes, there is not much to dislike about Colorado, especially the 300+ days of sunshine! XOL

  2. What a great idea to buy small kids cameras. Now with digital they can learn and experiment taking photos without the huge film development cost! My big girls have compact digital cameras but they now want DSLR's!!! Santa will have to start saving up for those :)

  3. I have been dying to get a camera in my 2 year old's hands for months! I knew my sister was getting him one for Christmas so I held off buying it - but then it didn't work, GRRR! Still waiting on the replacement, your post has inspired me to get on the phone with the company!

    Now that my little rant is over - you have a lovely blog here, I especially love your header.

  4. Thanks for all the comments everyone (I love comments)! And, Step, even my one and a half year old loves the camera, though most of his pictures are black (I'm not even sure how he manages to do this, I think he may put his thumb over the viewfinder), oh well, the noise of the flash is enough to make him happy.

  5. Hello I am visiting from Bad Hausfrau, congrats on your award. Your blog is super fun! My daughter (9) has a camera and loves it, the things and perspectives she captures inspire me to look at things differently. I grew up in Colorado and didn't appreciate how great the state was until I left, isn't that always the way.



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