Places to Go - Long Branch Nature Center and Trail in the Early Fall (Arlington, VA)


Lately, we've been spending a lot of time at Long Branch Nature Center (previously posted here) - both inside and outside. A lovely paved walking trail meanders next to a small stream, where T can spend hours (literally hours) throwing rocks into the water. The trail also has a nice side area with stick houses that the kids enjoy playing in. And a larger nature-centered play area is currently under construction, as of last week they have a path made of tree stumps and a small sandbox (bring your own toys).

On good days we bring Coco the dog with us and eventually walk about 0.5 miles (at most) to the Glencarlyn Dog Park, which is also right off the paved path that originates by the nature center.

I love when I can exhaust the kids and the dog in one outing. Plus, once the leaves start dropping, the fall foliage is beautiful at Long Branch.

Where have you been going lately?


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T and his friend, J, went around and around the tree stump path. Over and over again.


  1. Hey Darcy! Found your blog over at Land of Nod! Love the monster eye project- these pictures are great too! So happy I found another awesome blog, great way to start my morning!

  2. Thanks so much for the compliment!!



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