Places to Go (Vacation) - The Beginning of Fall at Bethany Beach (DE)


We spent last weekend at a townhouse on the beach in Bethany Delaware, with some friends and their adorable one year old son. I was a little nervous that the water would be too cold for swimming, but luckily the Atlantic manages to hold onto summer temps even with fall already underway.

As soon as we arrived the kids ran into the waves and I relaxed behind them, with sandy feet and my camera to entertain me. What is it about the ocean that makes me want to take hundreds of pictures in an hour? Every picture posted was taken our first night there, I just couldn't stop clicking.

Regarding the broken arm, I've now found a new use for old newspaper bags, though this probably just encouraged her to become wetter. I'm sure the doctor would be angry if he saw these, but keeping a 5 year old from the water just seems wrong, especially when she's your 5 year old.


*Presidential debate bingo cards. Add in a bottle of wine (maybe drink whenever they say "economy") and you're ready for a fun night at home.

*I love this fall leaf no-sew bunting at the Artful Parent. She also has a new ebook that looks fantastic.

*Have you seen Tinybop? - it's full of lots of coolio recommendations on stuff for kids.


The house came with a partially fenced "yard" that acted as a giant sandbox. Best idea ever.

Whenever we go to the beach, I'm always a little scared the kids will get bored and ask me for ideas on things to do. But I should know by now that it never works that way, they'll spend all day self-entertaining outside, enjoying every minute.


Jessie brought beach balls and P couldn't stop throwing them. Over and over again. And, of course, F being F, some studying needed to be done before bed. You can take the girl out of school but you can't take school out of the girl, or something dorky like that.

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