Things to Do - Grateful List (September 2012)

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F and P's art - (A lion going to school, the tower of happiness, and the people of grump)

*Watching Homeland, Season 1 (the end was cheesy as hell, but the first half of the season was great TV)
*Watching The Queen of Versailles (fascinating portrait of the financial crisis through the lens of the mega-wealthy)
*Listening to the new Stars, Cat Power, and Dylan albums
*Reading Salman Rushdies' article in the New Yorker
*Reading JJ Keith's Huffington Post article on advice to parents
*F's love of Highlights' Secret Adventurer Club
*Listening to Monsters Calling Home (over and over again)
*Reading Sheila Heti's How Should a Person Be?: A Novel from Life


*Baking sea salt chocolate chip cookies with T to surprise the girls when they came home from school
*File crockpot gumbo
*Grilled chicken with tomato/onion sauce and mozzarella
*The arugula explosion in our backyard
*Jalapeno baked fish with tomatoes and potatoes (from Mexican Everyday)
*Banana "soft serve" (frozen bananas + a little water + a blender = yum)
*Brioche french toast at William Jeffrey's Tavern.


*A new outdoor sofa set and the box it came in


*T and J running through Huntley Meadows and F's wetlands scavenger hunt
*Ziplining through the trees with P a the Sandy Springs Adventure Park
*The new American Trails exhibit at the National Zoo
*Chessie's Big Backyard playground at Lee District Park (Alexandria, VA)
*Returning after 7 years away to mornings of Bikram Yoga (Arlington) and afternoons at the dogpark (Shirlington)
*The Building Museum's Big Build
*Wednesday afternoon story hour (for grade school kids) at Columbia Pike Library


*A weekend at the beach - Bethany, Delaware.

*F reading Calvin and Hobbes all the time (thank you Paras!)
*T wearing his police costume everywhere
*A good first week of school for all three kids (preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade)
*Walking into a super clean house (thanks to a wonderful cleaning lady)
*Coco - the world's most mellow dog
*P after staying home to "heal" her arm - "Mom, watching TV all day is really boring."
*P and F talking about the first week of school, F hoped there would be more social studies, P hoped there would be more recess
*P's whole class writing her get well cards
*Turning off the air conditioning
*F - "We're both stars of the school right now, everyone wants to sit by me because I have a loose tooth and everyone wants to sit by P because she has a broken arm."
*A "happy call" from F's teacher
*The kids all playing indians at the park with their cousins - collecting sticks for a "fire", pine needles for a bed, and pinecones for "pretend food". F telling T - "no we can't roast marshmallows, they haven't been invented yet."

The Kids' Lists:

F - my family, reading, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, math, school, friends, my new friend A, American Girl dolls, the back to school picnic, drawing, sketching, books, recess, Cybil Lily, our new dog, art, The Usborne Art Treasury, the beach, vacation [yes, she actually said vacation. yay!!]

P - my family, dollies, going to school, that my teacher said i'm doing a good job, meeting new friends, playing on the blacktop, recess, the back to school picnic, going on the obstacle course, eating waffles after the obstacle course, reading about george's adventures in space, cards from all my friends, my new polly pocket from P, my friends signing my cast, my cousins sleeping over, sleeping over at my cousins, the beach

- my family, dollies, school, police, that we go to the picnic, that i made a new friend, that we go to the farmers market with daddy, coco, that my cousins visit, j, q, walking coco, the beach

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