Places to Go (Vacation) - Disney World 2012 - Part II, Hollywood Studios


I love that Minnie's security detail carries a holster for hand sanitizer; T didn't really dance during the Disney Channel live show, he just sort of lingered; F brought Cybil Lily (my old Cabbage Patch Kid) with us everywhere, she kept asking if I ever took Cybil to Disney World with me, but, sadly, I can't remember.

We originally planned on spending our first day at Disney in the Magic Kingdom, but the incredibly knowledgeable Disney aficionados in the hot tub (they visit once a year and buy ten day passes) advised against visiting the most famous park on a weekend, so we decided to check out Hollywood Studios. Plus, the hot tub crowd told us that Toy Story was the best ride in all of the parks (they were right).

I was a little nervous that we'd run out of things to do at Hollywood Studios, as most of the rides are geared at older children. But never underestimate the power of Disney to keep everyone entertained. After grabbing fast passes for Toy Story, we watched a gun shoot out on the Great Movie Ride (T cried the whole time, then hopped off the ride saying it was the "coolest thing" ever), caught gold doubloons falling from the ceiling at Playhouse Disney Live (T collected as many as he could), attended Little Mermaid Live (Ariel is my least favorite of all the princesses and, sadly, she is all over Disney World lately), climbed and ran in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, and clapped along to various live performances outdoors.

After all of that, we (finally) played virtual carnival games during the Toy Story Ride and chilled out during the (somewhat boring) studio backlot tour. Not a bad morning.

And lines? With the exception of Toy Story, lines were pretty much non-existent. Combined with 75 degree temperatures this made life pretty darn good. But the best part of all? F decided she likes vacation again, she even said "thank you, mom. thank you so much for this."


Ride a giant insect? Check!


T was SO excited to meet Jake that he ran to hug him (after waiting 10 minutes in line). Then he started to cry, alot, apparently because Jake was "too soft." Two weeks later and he still keeps asking me, "but why Jake soft, mommy? I don't understand. But why?"

untitled (5 of 154).jpg

Not the best picture, but a great reminder of what lines would have been like had we visited at another time.

untitled (153 of 154).jpg

untitled (150 of 154).jpg

After some much needed afternoon pool time, we returned at night to watch the Osborne's Festival of Dancing Lights (both beautiful and crowded) and to ride Star Tours (which was incredible, except the life-like effects terrified T). Poor T, it's hard to be 3 years old and stroller-less at Disney World, but those feet were made for walking (plus, I'm so glad that after 7-some-years strollers are finally a thing of the past for us).


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