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Busy weeks, dark nights. I should be planning Christmas or baking cookies. Or doing something useful.

A wonderful childhood neighbor died last week, just a few hours before her 84th birthday. It's hitting hard. So I've been web-surfing as a distraction. And for those of you who knew Peggy, she will be greatly missed.

* Classroom portraits from around the world. I can't stop looking at these.

* I just watched Jonathan Harris's TED Talk (which can be viewed here) and now I'm a little obsessed with him, especially the We Feel Fine Project, which I can't view because my Mac won't work with Java (I'm not loving Apple lately, but that's a whole different story). Click here for his website, fascinating stuff (including wordcount, which is just plain fun).

* Oh, Iris, how I love you.

* The beach after Sandy. Incredible photos, especially the road.

* This looks like a wonderful family event - "The Arlington Gifts That Give Hope Fair is a family friendly event to help encourage children to participate in the spirit of giving. There will be holiday music, snacks and entertainment for children and a visit from Santa. Honor friends and family on your holiday shopping list with a donation to those in need." SHOP ONLINE here.

* Mimeomia. Yup, I know this feeling. Just say "Mommy Blogger."

* The nuances of a headscarf. Also, Shadi Ghardirian does fabulous work re: art and the veil.

* Kurt Vonnegut's term paper assignment. I wish a professor or teacher would have asked this of me.

* A rich person's house. In pink.

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