Things to Do - F's Science Birthday Party


For F's 7th birthday she "really really really" wanted a science party. This seemed hard, especially since I'm not much of a "party" mom (remember when I neglected to put candy in the pinata?). Children's birthday parties stress me out. As do most events where I have to entertain people without the use of alcohol. Luckily, I'm friends with Not-So-SAHM, who is amazing at this type of stuff. So she came and decked out our party room for the big event. Phenomenal, isn't it? She even made slime for party favors. F was in heaven.


We started the party off with science sticker scenes from Oriental Trading Company (this assured that all the kids had something to do while we waited for everyone to arrive). Then the kids decorated their own lab coats. The boys made fake blood. The girls drew hearts.


Then the "science" began. Good friends came up with lots of wonderful ideas for do-it-yourself experiment making, but I could only handle so much, so I went the easy route and purchased these Be Amazing Lab-in-a-Bag Test Tube Wonders kits from Amazon (one for each child), which I highly recommend. We made sand that doesn't get wet. Then we made fake snow. Then everyone started to make sandy snow. When things started to spill, I started to stress. So we decided to let the kids do the rest of the experiments at home and we gathered everyone outside.


All science parties need a big explosion. Luckily mentos and 2Ls can provide such magic for a (relatively) low cost (click here for more info). And the kids jumped up and down like crazy.


After the explosion, we ate pizza and serenaded F over a pile of homemade cupcakes. We gave each child a bowl of white frosting and different colors of food coloring, so they could "mix" their own creations. Then we had various candies on the table for cupcake decoration.

Finally everyone went home and I cleaned like a woman possessed. And F seemed really really happy, thankfully.

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