Things to Read - Favorite Kids' Books VII

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It's almost winter. Dark nights = lots or reading on the couch. Here are a few of our recent favorites [click on the book's icon to enter Amazon; and to view all of our favorite kids' books posts, click here and scroll down]:

T's REVIEWS(3 Years Old)

Trashy Town - [note - this might be T's favorite book ever, everyone has become so sick of reading it to him that we lied and told him the library lost it]

T - He puts the trash into the truck!! i like saying the words over and over again ["I dump it in, I smash it down, I drive around the trashy town!"] I like this book a lot!!

P - This is a toddler book and a boy book.

Fireman Small [note - another HUGE fave]

T - I like it a lot. My favorite part is when he puts out the fire.

P - I thought it was too little kiddy.

Dig Dig Digging

T - I like the bulldozer best and when they all sleep.

P's REVIEWS (6 Years Old)

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink [note - this book focuses on girls who play sports, I'm not sure this quite comes across in P's review]

P - I liked it but I didn't know why people would go to a ball dressed like that. But I liked that it showed how everyone has their own style.

Looking at Lincoln

P - I loved it. I liked the pictures and I liked that Lincoln didn't like slavery. But it was so sad that he got shot.

F's REVIEWS (7 Years Old)

Stink and the Ultimate Thumb-Wrestling Smackdown

F - I thought the end needed more detail but it was really good. His sister teased him for not playing sports so instead of picking something normal he picked thumb wrestling and karate. He's a very unique kid. . . . this is my first Stink book and I'd like to read more.

Capital Mysteries #1 - Who Cloned the President?

F - This is the first book I've read from the series. It was middle, just okay, a little confusing. They snuck into the White House and they released spiders, that way they could get the real President back and not his clone. The clone ended up bing a nice guy you became part of the President's staff. I liked the spider part.


Grandpa Green [note - this book makes me cry, but in a good way. it also makes we wish i gardened]

P - It was spectacular. It was so creative. The Grandpa made all of his life story out of bushes and trees.

T - I liked it because it had a boy in it.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore [note - so this one made me a little teary too. Amazing illustrations though]

P - it's such a great story. I love books just like Morris!

T - me too!!

The Woods [note - another big fave with all three kids, a nice story about using your imagination]

T - I liked his sword and when they go in the dark cave.

Andrew Drew and Drew [note - this is basically a new, short, take on Harold and the Purple Crayon, lots of creative folding, so one picture becomes another. A fun way to read].

P - I liked it because I like to draw and I liked how you could pick up the pages and see different drawings. I didn't not like anything about it.

T - This book is awesome and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

The Astonishing Secrets of Awesome Man [note - if you're a literary snob or just curious, this is Pulitzer Prize winning Michael Chabon's first children's book]

P - I liked it because he uses his imagination. I did not like when the bad guys got away.

T - I like when he saves people and I like his dog. It's kind of weird/cool that he has an awesome dog. I liked when he calmed down and when he killed the robot. I liked all of it.

It's a Tiger

F - I think it is very interesting. First the boy is telling you a story then he tells the tiger a story and everything starts all over again.

P - I liked it. I like that it starts out as a tiger but at the end it starts all over with a crocodile.

T - I like how the tiger is everywhere.

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