Things to Do - Grateful List (December 2012)


* Watching TED talks on Netflix
* F constantly taking out books about other countries from the library
* Reading Lives of the Artists, Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story esp. James Salter's Bangkok, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, and Grace: A Memoir
* Perusing new photography books
* Listening to the Cave Singers
* Watching Despicable Me for family movie night
* Watching Girls
* Reading the Bacteria Reconsidered article in the October 22, 2012 New Yorker

* Fatoosh from Jerusalem: A Cookbook
* The Artful Parent's chicken soup


* Elizabeth Arden Salt of the Earth Body Lotion
* Our new posturpedic pillows

VACATIONS (Disney World)
*"Mom, do musketeers wear shorts when they go to Disney World?" - T
* No lines and 75 degree days
* The pools and hot tub at Windsor Hills
* The girls' excitement over Storytime with Belle
* The Haunted Mansion, the Lion King, Mickey's Philharmonic, Star Tours, Epcot's Storytimes Throughout the World, and the Kilimanjaro Safari
* That nobody became sick before we left for Disney (apparently half of P's class was out, some kids even vomited in the classroom)
* Peter Pan finally opening up 5 minutes before we had to leave the parks (now that's Disney magic)
* Avoiding Small World this trip (they really are growing up)
* Spontaneous father son swordfights
* Our neighbors for watching Coco (thank you Liz and Greg!!)

* The girls pleading their cases (after a fight) to our Elf on the Shelf
* "F, pretend we still have an Elf on the Shelf even though we're princesses, okay?" - P
* Attending Richmond Ballet's Nutcracker (esp. the dancing bear)
* T and his cousin constantly sword fighting all weekend (T - "alright the swordfights are over"/ C - "okay, so now can we do guns?")
* Amazon wish list books from my MIL
* T in his musketeer costume
* Playing Dominion
* Mellow mornings and feasts at night in Richmond
* Our tablet Christmas (Kindle Fires for the girls and an Ipad for me)

* River Farm on a 65 degree day
* Firefighter T at the brand new National Children's Museum
* Taking three (wonderful) toddlers to the National Zoo after preschool - beavers and a new carousel = happiness for everyone
* The National Building Museum's Detroit Photography exhibit

* "A lot of my friends keep saying there's no santa, but i know he exists because it would be too hard for you to go out with your iphone in the middle of the night and find stores that are still open. you'd probably get lost." - F (love that logic)
* A successful stayover party for P's 6th birthday and the end of birthday party season
* "Mom, please no gigantic sugar cookies after school today, yesterday I felt like a chubby old lady." - F
* F breaking a board in her martial arts class
* P's theater class presentation
* "Mom, I'm so glad you're a unique mom who celebrates the solstice and stuff." - P
* Snow on the day after Christmas
* A successful solstice party with the neighbors
* Finally, a flood recovered basement (with carpet, a sump pump, and a gigantic new TV)
* An (exhausting) kidfriendly NYE (thanks to Jessie, Allegra, and MD Science Center)
* Playing Suspend for family game night


F - art, Cybil Lily, that nobody got sick before Disney World, that I'm excited to go on a vacation, Natalia, drawing, reading, staying at the townhouse, going to Disney World, Story Time with Belle, school, that we have a nice house to live in and food to eat, being a secret agent [in Epcot], Christmas, going to all the plays with Grandma, going to [Unitarian] church, my Kindle Fire, my new old-fashioned game

- Sabrina, dollies, my family, Natalia, Disney World, the Toy Story ride, the Safari ride, the Jungle parade, my new puppy [stuffed animal], my Kindle Fire, my new Monster Doll, singing Christmas songs at church, NYE at the museum and at Allegra's and Jessie's houses

T - That we went to Disney World, pink sheet, musketeers, rides, that we go to playgroup, Peter Pan [the ride]

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