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* A backyard rainbow igloo. I want one.

*Have you seen these pictures and stats? The Australian dust storm is particularly amazing. Guess we should get used to this, it's only getting worse.

*The Reconstructionists - Awesome women rock!! (link via Anthology Magazine).

*I can't stop listening to Izabo lately. Hear them here (and on spotify), then read the interview here.

*New York Time's list of 46 places to go in 2013. Serious wanderlust (and, yay!! to DC for making the list).

*James Moes.

* We can't wait to try these easy mason jar science experiments (using around the house materials) from Not-So-SAHM. I also love these portraits with simple materials from Under the Pecan Tree.

* Great quotes from the movie Heathers. Some things never get old.

* If I ever get a chance to take the kids to San Francisco, I'm using this family's adventures as my guide. Looks like SO MUCH fun.

* 10 literary boardgames for book nerds. The Shining as a boardgame would seem to be nightmare provoking.

* For parents - I love this idea.

* Lena Dunham and Democratic Nudity. Well-stated. I'm sort of obsessed with her lately.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I've been following your blog since before our move to America and you've given me lots of inspiration for places to take our kids - when we eventually make it outside of San Francisco!



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