Things to Make - The Penny Game

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Despite receiving MORE THAN ENOUGH gifts from Santa, by the end of winter break the kids started complaining of boredom. Luckily, the discontent began while I was camped on the couch reading US Magazine, which contained an advertisement for Cougar Town's newest season. So I immediately thought "PENNY CAN!!!" Yet how to stretch a game of penny can over a whole afternoon? Make it into a craft project!!

Here's the scoop:

1. Cut used three paper towel rolls into two, try to make all the tubes various different sizes (so you have six tubes total).

2. Find a piece of thick used cardboard and cut it into a rectangle large enough to hold all six tubes.

3. Ask the children to paint everything.

4. Let dry.

5. Write numbers on all of the tubes (ideally the higher tubes should have higher numbers, but T had his own ideas regarding tube order).

6. Use glue dots to attach the tubes to the cardboard rectangle.

7. Find all the pennies you can find and gather them into one container.

8. Toss!!

As silly as the penny game appears (and, yes, I know that it appears rather silly), it's actually quite addictive. Seriously. T and I have now spent three afternoons tossing penny after penny. We can't stop. Even Dan admitted that penny toss was more fun than it looked. And don't worry too much about keeping score, just getting one cent into any of the tubes is hard enough.


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  1. This. looks. SERIOUSLY AWESOME. And is probably going to lead to some really heated penny throwing matches in my household (J. and I love a comptetition). Hooray and thanks!



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