Things to Make - White Shrinky Dink Jewelry & Ornaments


We have a ton of permanent markers left over from when P broke her arm, so I decided to order some White Graphix Shrink Film from Amazon and let the kids make shrinky dink jewelry. The kids colored and cut out their own art and I hole punched it (be sure to make the holes BIG). Then we baked their designs and transformed them into jewelry using kitchen string or leather cord (for some reason the girls preferred the string).

The white shrink film gave everything a nice solid look, almost like broken ceramic. Though beware, even after baking the color will come off a little if you don't use a fixative of some sort (any ideas on what to use?).


The great part about this craft - T loves anything with scissors and scribbles.


All of the kids crowded around the oven to watch them shrink. Magic.


Our baking soda ornaments from last spring have mostly broken (tree branches apparently fall over a lot when they're placed next to the front door), so I used some of our left over shrinky dinks to make new ornaments. Pretty, huh? And a lot less fragile.

Hope everyone is having a good week! The flu has taken over our house and it's not very fun (to say the least) - stay healthy if you can!!

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  1. Those are some seriously cute butterflies! My kids made shrinky dink necklaces last Summer. We used the Shrinky Dinks brand paper and we haven't had any problems with the colour coming off. One side is shiny and works with permanent markers (Sharpies are good) and the other side is rough and works well with pencils. No fixative needed for either side. My kids used pencils on the rough side and it worked really well. The Shrink Dink paper is clear though and I quite like how the one you used is white. As you said, it kind of looks like ceramic. You can see our shrinky dink necklaces here: http://www.littlehiccups.net/2012/07/shrinky-dinky-doo.html
    and here: http://www.littlehiccups.net/2012/07/shrinky-dinky-doo-part-2.html



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