Things to Do - Grateful List (January 2013)

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(The Lumineers, not that you can actually see them, but I promise they were there).

All in all, January sucked. I was sick for most of it, including having the flu (or something flu-like) on my birthday (not the best start to my year of health) and spent most of the month coughing and saying "I feel awful." On the upside, life provided a few amazing highlights, like watching the Lumineers live and a weekend away with some mom friends. So let's not dwell on the bad stuff, instead I'm looking ahead to all of February's probable awesomeness.

* Listening to Izabo
* Watching Looper
* Reading Travels in Siberia
* Watching Hugo for family movie night
* Watching Wreck it Ralph at the Cinema Drafthouse for family movie
* The Lumineers (live at DAR), esp. when they covered Talking Head's "this must be the place"

* Get Probiotic Tea
* Homemade caramel apples
* Dan's mushroom risotto for my birthday (though I couldn't eat it until two days later)
* Menchi's opens on Columbia Pike
* Massaged kale salad
* Dinner at Tari's in Berkeley Springs, WV
* Bacon, egg, and salsa cups

* Long Branch and Gulf Branch Nature Centers after preschool
* The Smithsonian American Art Museum's Farm to Table Event
* Mask Making and Farafina Kan-African dance at the Smithsonian American Indian Museum's Multicultural Festival
* Hiking with the kids at Turkey Run
* T and his friend, Jules, playing firefighters at the JW Tumbles Playzone

* My Jawbone Up wristband (best gadget ever)
* Birthday flowers from my in-laws
* Magnetic poetry sets for all three kids
* Lightroom 4

* Moms' weekend away in Berkley Springs, WV

* A relaxing NYD at home with our family
* P's reading (she's finally getting there)
* A whole day of musketeer play for P and T (she was "training" him)
* 2 happy calls (from the school counselor) in one day (one for F and one for P)
* Our party room out back
* Spontaneous "I love you"'s from T
* Playing Dominion with friends
* F reading (and liking) Anne of Green Gables and the Secret Garden
* F loving piano lessons
* P - "mom, are you happy?"; me - "Of course, I'm happy, I have three beautiful kids"; P- "oh, i thought you were going to say that you're happy because we're leaving you alone"
* T - "mom, when i become a teenager can i have a firefighter pole in my bedroom?"
* Parus and Jenny visiting with Hannah Banana


F - my family, art, school, Cybil Lily, my friends, my toys, Natalia, my American Girl dolls, felling better and going to school, hiking at Turkey Run, stayovers at L's house, that we have a nice house to live in and food to eat, my Kindle Fire, piano lessons, Menchis, my magnetic poetry kit, Hannah, Jenny, Parus

P - my family, Zoolights, school, playdates, that we have a nice house to live in and food to eat, Natalia, playing Suspend, weekends, that I got a happy call, going to the [Smithsonian] art museum, caramel apples, stayovers at L's house, hiking at Turkey Run, Wreck it Ralph, my Kindle Fire, making Valentines, playing Barbies, Menchis, Jenny, Parus, and Hannah

T - my family, Zoolights, Coco, Natalia, that we go to the nature center with my friends, playdates, going to school, reading books, Menchis, Hannah Banana

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