Things to Make - Secret Agent Messages Two Different Ways

Lately all three kids are obsessed with spies and secret agents. F especially loves these kits, whereas her younger siblings prefer hiding behind doors and surprising me. Anyways, on one of the many "snow days" we've had lately, we spent a morning creating secret agent messages using two different methods in an effort to "trick" the bad guys.


1. Method 1 - White Crayon.

So so simple. Write with white crayon on white paper. Then paint over the crayon with watercolor paint to reveal hidden messages.


2. Method 2 - Lemon Juice.

I've always heard that you can use lemon juice to create secret messages, but I never knew how to make it work - turns out you that after you paint on the lemon juice, you need to cook the [thick, watercolor] paper at 350 degrees for a few minutes in order to see the magic pictures appear. Thank you Not-So-SAHM for letting us in on the secret! (And by the way, if you're looking for more spy play ideas, check out Not-So-SAHM's post here).

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