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* Well, this is very very good news.

* One of my friends from high school just stared a facebook page full of wonderful, EASY healthy recipes (mostly vegetarian and vegan). She's the one who created the roasted eggplant/tomato soup recipe I posted earlier in the year. Click here to check out her page.

* Have you seen You Are My Wild? Just gorgeous. And inspiring.

* After the fire.

* A meadow in the ocean.

* What about me? Global warming by location.

* Oliver Jeffers. I love his penguin books.

* Familiar rooms, hidden faces.

* A life-size dandelion that could save thousands of lives.

* Bookshelf porn. Wow.

* How to nurture creativity.

* Just my (current) favorite band singing my all-time absolute favorite song.

* The future. Warning, this graph may cause adomania.

* This act is coming to the Artisphere on Feb. 15-16, it looks awesome (recommended for kids 7 and over). Artisphere is offering a $5 discount for readers of this blog, just enter the code "“NoMonsters” at checkout!

* Judgments. In case you've ever wondered how to distinguish sluts from matrons.

* How marriage ruined Downton Abbey.

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  1. I don't owe a book of Oliver Jeffers but I sometimes go over to his website and admire his creations :o)



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