Places to Go (Vacation) - Monticello (Charlottesville, VA)


A few weekends ago, Dan's parents watched the kids so the two of us could enjoy a romantic weekend at the picturesque Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, VA. I love winter in Charlottesville, with its overpriced (though scenic) wineries and gorgeous vistas. The areas offers just enough activities to ensure that you won't become bored, but not enough to convince me to wake up before 10 am (especially when the Clifton will bring breakfast to your room at no extra cost (love it there)).

On Saturday afternoon, we visited, Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's famous estate, which he dynamited a mountain to build. Jefferson utilized some quirky gadgets - like a double-pen writing machine, so he could keep copies of all his correspondence, and fancy mechanical doors which close in unison. Despite enjoying the tour, the older I become the less I know what to make of the slaveholding founders of our country. Where in my mind to place these famous dead white men? Especially after reading articles like this. I still haven't visited, by I appreciate the Smithsonian's American History Museum's attempt to change our focus - less about Jefferson and more about the 607 enslaved men, women, and children that made such a life possible.

Anyways, I must admit that while walking around the grounds of Monticello, I let my mind wander away from such topics - choosing instead to concentrate on gorgeous mountain views and gnarled old trees, which, I'm sure have their own tales to tell.


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