Things to Do - Grateful List (May 2013)

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(I always love the quirky decorations in old beach houses)

* Watching Swiss Family Robinson for family movie night and F complaining about how sexist the movie is
* Watching Housewives of Orange County with Liz and Adrienne
* Listening to Cold War Kids' Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
* Watching the Gatekeepers (so depressing)
* Reading Alice Munro's Dear Life: Stories
* Reading The Astor Orphan: A Memoir
* May 13, 2013's New Yorker article on Falafel (the world's best backgammon player)
* Reading Tracy Kidder's Good Prose: The Art of Nonfiction
* Reading Molly Ringwald's When It Happens to You: A Novel in Stories

* Dan cooking Rick Bayless's chicken a la veracruzana for Cinco De Mayo
* Dan's Mother's Day Feast - pork roast and root veggies
* Margaritas in a can (just like the world's cheapest dive bar would make)
* South Mountain Creamery's ice cream

* Azaleas at the National Arboretum
* The zoo with Hannah (elephants and sea lions)!
* T catching his first two fish ever at Hains Point
* Great County Farms with T and Coco on an incredibly empty Monday (we had the whole place to ourselves)

* B Kamins night cream (which has been discontinued, ugh)
* La Mer night cream (found as a substitute for the above)

* Drinks with the neighbors on Friday nights
* The Ruiz's wine party
* P's 5 goals in one game
* T's soccer class with Q and J (Coach Emma is amazing)
* T - "Can I be a daddy when I grow up?"/me - "Yes"/T - "A daddy that has a watch?"/me - "Yes"/T - "And that doesn't have a hurt leg?"/me - "Yes"/T - "Because I really don't want daddy's leg."
* me, one size smaller
* T telling his teacher he loved "adventuring" with his mom
* F and her microscope
* Maggie's peonies
* Refinancing our house

VACATION - Corolla, NC
* A full moon over the ocean
* Dolphins
* Duck Donuts (so so good)
* Playing Would You Rather? and Dominion
* The sun returning for our week at the beach (after so much rain and cold)
* Wine tasting at Currituck Historical Park for Saruul's birthday
* My ipad (I always liked me ipad but never really LOVED it until i could search the web on vacation)
* Estuarine Nature Walk
* Coco chasing crabs
* Eating at Urban Kitchen (so so good)
* The kids turning my bedroom into a pirate's lair and using Dan's poker chips as booty
* Island Bookstore (BEST!! bookstore ever, with a fantastic kids' section)
* Climbing to the top of the lighthouse with P
* Dan and T catching A LOT of fish

The Kids' Lists

F - that we have everything we need, my family, Auntie Jenny and the Banana visiting, our house, that my martial arts instructor called me 'black belt material', tonight, rain, that my friends left before the rain came, a really great sister, piano lessons, art, books, Cybil Lily, the beach, bodyboarding, vacationing with my friend M, renting a nice house on the beach

P - McDonalds with my teacher, gymnastics, the Banana, a great day at school, playdates with Avery and Logan, a popsicle party at school, my teacher's birthday, watching Swiss Family Robinson, walking Coco at night, Mother's Day, all of my friends staying over, E sleeping over, L playdates, stayovers with my friends, the market fair [at Claude Moore Colonial Farm], soccer practice, reading Magic Schoolbus's beach book, the beach,

T - Hannah Banana, that we go see the flowers [at the National Arboretum], going to school, taking Coco for walks, J sleeping over, that F likes reading Spiderman to me, Coco, the beach

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