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Two and a half months on this blog I interviewed my friend, Cathi, about her work with Moms Demand Action, a grassroots organization committed to common sense gun control measures. Unfortunately, the Senate did not pass the proposed background check bill that we discussed during the interview, so Cathi volunteered to write a new post informing us of current proposed measures and bills. Talking with Cathi continues to be a huge wake up call for me, in that she makes me realize how important of an issue this is and how we really need to make our voices heard. So please read . . .

With Rep. Connolly
(Photo - Moms Demand Action Meeting with Congressman Gerry Connolly of Virginia's 11th district)

On April 17, 2013, the "Manchin-Toomey" gun background check amendment was defeated by just six votes. This common sense proposal would have helped to close gaping loopholes that allow for gun-show and online sales of firearms without requiring a background check.

Now it is June. It has been 6 months since we all witnessed the horror of Newtown. And yet not a single bill has been passed in Congress to make our children safer.

Parents from across the country have noticed this inaction and have reacted the same way they did when they heard about the Newtown tragedy. Enough. This is ridiculous. It is time for common sense.

We have all heard about the powerful NRA whose leadership is directly funded and supported by gun manufacturers through their gun lobby. But since that fateful April vote in the Senate, membership to Moms Demand Action has exploded. Moms who may have been previously outraged on this issue were finally propelled to act. As the Founder of Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts, recently stated on MSNBC, "When Congress voted against background checks in April they locked the door, so moms will come in through the window. We'll continue putting pressure on Congress, but we're also working on state legislatures and American businesses to change laws, policies and our culture."

Background checks are a common sense measure that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with. The reason why is simple – a 90 second background check keeps criminals from legally obtaining firearms. It is just common sense to make sure that individuals who buy guns are legally permitted to do so.

There is hope that the Manchin-Toomey amendment will return to the Senate Floor this summer. Please continue to call your Senators to keep the pressure on. There is a similar bill on the House side, called "King-Thompson". You can use this easy phone-calling tool to call your Representative and let them know that you support background checks and that you hope they will co-sponsor the bill, or thank them if they already do.

I have often been asked what inspires me to volunteer my efforts on this issue. Here is the truth -- it's rolled up socks and Buzz Lightyear underwear. When I am exhausted from my long (can I say LOOOOOOOONG?) day, I’ve put my goofy first grader and his little sisters to bed, and I am folding laundry and I get to those damn rolled up socks that still have sand and mulch stuck in the toes, I want to scream a tiny bit. But right there. In that very moment. The image of Buzz Lightyear appears to me from the basket and I want to cry. Yet I know there are 20 mothers in Newtown--as well as more mothers EVERY SINGLE DAY who lose a child to gun violence--that would do anything for a rolled up sock filled with sand and mulch. And that is why I know we are far from being done.


(Photos - The Human Ribbon of Remembrance sponsored by the Newtown Action Alliance to mark 6 months since Newtown)

Other ways you can support the safety of American children and families:

Moms Demand Corporate Responsibility
Moms Demand Action urges American moms to support companies that have gun sense, and put pressure on those that don't. Moms and women oversee nearly 80 percent of household spending; Moms Demand Action wants to ensure those dollars are spent to support the safety of American children and families.
Use the link below to participate in Moms Demand Action's corporate responsibility campaign for gun sense.

Gun Violence Is Not a Game
The gun industry is profiting by marketing assault weapons and other guns to our children as potential customers. Entering into licensing, marketing or financial deals with gun manufacturers helps advance their efforts to push more of their products onto our streets, leaving our kids and our communities at risk. Click here to read our report.

Moms Demand Action is calling on leading video game producers to pledge not to enter into any future business relationships with gun manufacturers.

Please pledge not to partner with the gun industry on any future licensing, marketing or financial arrangements: http://action.momsdemandaction.org/page/speakout/gun-violence-is-not-a-game

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  1. Great post darcy. It is nice to know that this fight has not gone away and that people at the grassroots are still fighting the good fight...



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