Places to Go - The FANTASTIC Penrose Square Splash Park/Fountain (Arlington, VA)


As cliched as it sounds, the message of parenthood, as well as life itself, always seems to state: "be careful what you wish for."

As we know, I love a good spraypark (click here to check out my past review of the Rustico spraypark). So I was quite happy when Arlington county installed a brand-new spraypark/fountain in Penrose Square. First of all, since the splashpark also qualifies as an "interactive water feature", it runs constantly from 10 am to 8 pm (unlike Arlington's other splashparks which operate on a (somewhat confusing) schedule. Further, the spraypark is right next to Columbia Pike's newest dining destinations - Red Rocks, William Jeffrey's Tavern, Taqueria Poblano, etc. (we LOVE the revitalized Pike). And, best of all, the park is within seconds of my children's favorite place in the world - Menchie's frozen yogurt. Basically a huge win, right?

Well, not totally. Two weeks ago, I took P and T there, along with one of P's best friends. The girls ran into the spray and then ran out. And stayed out, proclaiming they were simply "too old for splashparks." Instead they spent the rest of the morning climbing the the weird egg sculptures and asking when we could go to Menchies. T, on the other hand, had the time of his life. The sprays are high, so you can really become quite wet and immersed. I think it's all rather wonderful. Five star. But the girls are not on board, so we haven't gone again.

For an extra special night out, on the third Thursday night of summer months, Penrose Square also hosts free movies and live music. August 15th is ET and September 19th you can see Toy Story live outside. Click here for more information.


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