Things to Make - Firework Painting


The 4th of July seemed to sneak up on us this year. Last week we were still celebrating days without school, when I suddenly realized our nation's birthday was right around the corner. So, in order to generate some holiday spirit, we painted fireworks (idea via my pinterest summer files).

Here's the scoop:
(materials - pipe cleaners, paint, dark colored construction paper, glitter (optional), and oil pastels or crayons)

1. Ask the kids to draw a night skyline onto a piece of dark construction paper (we used oil pastels, but crayons would also work).

2. Take four pipe cleaners, fold them in half, twist the bottom portion to create a handle, and then fan the ends to make a star shape (click this awesome blog for more detailed instructions).

3. Add paint (and/or glitter).

4. Create.

(Note - If you don't have any pipe cleaners, you can also use cut toilet paper rolls for a similar effect).

T absolutely LOVED this project, he painted and painted and painted. The girls created a few fireworks and then decided they'd rather avoid the mess and just draw their explosions, which was fine too. I just wanted some seasonal art to decorate the kitchen.


1 comment:

  1. Cute!

    We made fireworks paintings over the weekend too and also used this technique for some of them.
    You can see ours here:

    I love that your kids added a city skyline to their pictures. Such a good idea :)



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