Places to Go (Vacation) - Hiking Italy's Amalfi Coast, Part 3 - Praino and Positano


On our third day in Italy, the REAL hiking began. In the morning we left beautiful Amalfi behind and gradually made our way up into the surrounding mountains.


Eventually we descended into a canyon on the "Path of the Mad Bats" (what a name) which lead to the gorgeous Marina di Furore and Luggi's trattoria, where we ate some wonderfully fresh seafood and relaxed next to the ocean.


What goes down, must come up. We climbed to the Path of the Agave Flower, where extremely large cacti seemed to be everywhere, but the views were phenomenal.


Eventually we made it to our lovely little hotel in Praino, the Tramonto d'Oro, where we drank wine on the balcony and watched dusk settle into the night. From our room, we could see the lights of Positano (our next destination), which seemed so close (yet, with all of the inlets in between, it was much farther, by land, than it appeared by sea).


On day 4, we began the climb to an uninhabited monastery in the mountains, San Domenico. When we first saw it from below, it looked like a tiny little speck and I thought "there's no way, I can climb that far", but but then an hour or so later, we arrived. Odd to see all of these gorgeous, old frescoes gradually disintegrating. So much history everywhere.


We spent the rest of day 4 hiking the famed Path of the Gods (which was my big reason for choosing the Amalfi Coast). The hike was gorgeous (though much more crowded than our other hikes, where we usually had the paths entirely to ourselves).


Finally we descended into Positano, a town much fancier than its neighbors. I've never been to Miami, but this is how I imagine it - tons of people dressed to the nines for a day at the beach. I felt sweaty and out of place in hiking boots, so we changed into sandals and relaxed at our hotel bar (the Hotel Pupetto), where I finally gave in and started drinking beer because margarita apparently doesn't translate well into Italian.

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