Things to Do - 12 in 12 (January 2014)

This month, the 12th fell on a Sunday. Possibly the laziest Sunday of my life. I know that sounds extreme. But, seriously, it was THAT lazy. Dan's brother and sister-in-law took the kids all weekend, so Dan and I could celebrate my birthday alone together. We did lots of fun stuff on Saturday and planned for a somewhat busy Sunday as well. But it's not often we have the house to ourselves. So we lingered, and slept, and lunched. And really it was pretty great, though not exactly photograph worthy.

Oh well, I'm posting anyways. Despite the fact that this post makes me seem like a sloth. But on the crazy days ahead, it might be nice to remember Sunday, January 12th as the day I did nothing. Because sometimes nothing is awesome.

untitled (1 of 73).jpg

9:00 - We finally wake up and head downstairs (this isn't entirely true, as we had to get up earlier to let the dogs out, but then we just crawled back into bed).

untitled (9 of 73).jpg

10:00 am - We're dogsitting for the most annoying dog ever. I know this sounds mean. And I'm a dog person. But seriously. The. Most. Annoying. Dog. Ever. Luckily, it's a beautiful day, so we keep the dogs in the backyard as much as possible.

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10:30 am - Dan naps on the couch while the dogs play/fight/attempt to annoy him. Three dogs is too many dogs. This photo is a wonderful example of why you should always clean your house (or at least unpack the amazon boxes) before attempting any sort of photography project.

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11:00 am - I work on my blog for awhile, as I'm attempting to switch to a new template design (it's up now, what do you think?). This photo is yet another great example of why one should clean their space.

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noon - Finish watching Top of the Lake on the Lake on Netflix. It's one of those shows that isn't great (and we figured out the "mystery" 3 episodes ago) but we still NEED to see the end.

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1:30 pm - I spent two months on the library waiting list for The Luminaries (this year's Booker Prize winner) having no idea it is over 800 pages long. Now I'm 200 pages in and I'm not even sure I like it, but I need to know what happens. So I read.

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3:00 pm - Dan and I finally leave the house, we walk to Lost Dog Cafe for a late lunch/early dinner.

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4:30 pm - Walking home.

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6 pm - I take a break from reading the Luminaries to check out my new photobook, Martin Parr's Small World(a birthday present to myself), while Dan picks up the kids. The photos are pretty hysterical.

untitled (63 of 73).jpg

7:30 pm - They're home!

untitled (69 of 73).jpg

8:30 pm - We've been reading The One and Only Ivan before bed each night. F skips ahead as she waits for T and P to finish brushing their teeth.

So that was our lazy day, now click on over to Not-So-SAHM and Where the Watermelons Grow to see how their Sundays went.

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  1. Ok I LOVED this post (happy belated birthday fellow capricorn! mine is in a few days!) and I LOVE your new look! Fabulous, fresh, and awesome. 3 dogs is too many. Saw that book on Pinterest the other day (maybe someone pinned it from your site?) and then pinned it myself -- now that I know it is so so long, not sure my tiny attention span can handle that. Love the 12 in 12 idea!



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