Things to Make - Painted Snow Scenes


Lately, we haven't arted much. Actually, scratch that, the kids art all the time. We just haven't been doing many collective projects as of late. On one hand, it's sort of nice, the fact that the kids come up with their own projects now, asking me for supplies more often than ideas. But I sort of miss the old days, when I was more involved. On the other hand, time to myself is pretty sweet as well.

Anyways, during one of the several snow days we've had this winter, the kids asked for a new "project." So we made watercolor resist snow paintings (idea courtesy of the Artful Parent). Well, and T sort of did his own thing (which turned out fantastic as well).

Here's the scoop:

1. Use crayons or oil pastels to color a snowman or snow scene on thick watercolor paper.

2. Then paint over the snow scene using watercolor paints, for a watercolor resist effect.

3. Sprinkle the paintings with salt.

4. Once dry, remove the salt. And the painting will look like snow fell. (Or, in our case, the salt stayed stuck to the picture - giving it a sparkly look).



Notice the Ipad in between them? Strategically placed so they can fight over whether One Direction or Taylor Swift plays next.


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