Things to Do - Summarize a Year (2013)




Oh 2013, this year we: hiked the Italian coastline, had our basement redecorated by Land of Nod, swam in an ocean, joined a pool, floated on a lake, adopted a puppy, put Coco on Prozac (I kid you not), hired a dog trainer, visited the world's largest model train, caught snowflakes in Times Square, "survived" a Civil War attack (not a real one, obviously), threw our biggest solstice party to date (130 people is a lot of people).

F received her first "ring" from a boy and memorized the names of all the One Direction band members. P cartwheeled her way through the year, sometimes with a Diary of A Wimpy Kid book in tow. T learned more about the alphabet (sort of) and asked about 5 million questions. Dan caught a REALLY big fish. I Bikramed. So things were good.

Well, sort of.

Dan had cancer and two surgeries, three good friends lost a parent, one good friend lost a spouse.

Honestly, 2013 was sort of a roller coaster of a year. Hopefully 2014 will bring the calm, more like a Disney ride then a carnival ride.

I'm putting together a BEST OF LIST for next week with book recommendations and other such stuff. So keep reading.


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  1. Gah, I love ALL of these photos. Beautiful! What a way to summarize a year!



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