Places to Go - Trying to Find Spring at Long Branch Nature Center (Arlington, VA)


I've posted about Long Branch at least two or three times in the past, so I probably sound like a broken record by now (what a funny phrase - how old must one be to even remember what broken records sounded like?). But as soon as the weather warms (or, should I say, for the one day of warm weather before another snow-filled cold spell occurs) this is our go-to weekday place.

A short path next to the parking lot follows the stream - so kids can throw stones in the water, collect sticks, and/or try to jump from rock to rock. Further, across from the water, a wonderful nature play space has a sandbox for playing, a rock pile for climbing, and a tree stump path for jumping (and/or drum playing). And the nature center is a quick walk up the hill.

If you feel like meandering further, the path next to the stream leads to a dog park and (eventually) to a huge field with a small playground. As far as adventures go Long Branch is always a win win - perfect for a short picnic lunch after school or for a few hours exploring outside.

For more info, click here. The Nature Center also hosts classes and family campfires on weekends.

Where have you been exploring lately?


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