Things to Do - 12 in 12 (March 2014)

This month the 12th fell on a Wednesday, just like last month. So this whole project felt like groundhog's day. Or maybe that's just my life.

Oh well, Wednesday, March 12th was sort of ugh - after a few glorious days of spring-like weather, on Wednesday afternoon a cold front moved in and storms threatened (though they never really appeared). Wednesday night brought crazy winds and by Thursday the temps dropped to 30 some degrees - AGAIN!! We tried to make the best of it, but still, it felt gloomy, as do the corresponding photos. Some days are just like that.

Now click on over to Not-So-SAHM to see how her day went.

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6:30 am - Wake up IN THE DARK (I'm normally a late morning type of gal) to register P for gymnastics. These classes fill up in about 20 seconds, so managing to hit the button fast enough makes me feel superhuman. (Yes, that means that I think I'm a superhero).

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8:45 am - After walking the girls to school, T announces he's done with photographs for the day. Not a good start to the morning.

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9:15 am - Last night our neighbor gave T all of his old hexabug tracks (it's a little overwhelming). T is in heaven and forgets that I'm photographing him (yay?!)

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11:45 am - Meet up with a friend for lunch at Society Fair because Columbia Pike is awesome.

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1:00 pm - Soccer class in the bubble.

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2:00 pm - After class, T asks if I can take a picture of him with all of his friends. He does this every week. At least T know longer hates my camera.

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3:00 pm - My friend took the girls home from school because they had an early release day (WHY DO MY CHILDREN NEVER GO TO SCHOOL ANYMORE?), so after I pick them up we head to the library - P wants to learn all she can about Gabby Douglas.

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4:00 pm - I recruited P as my new work out buddy, so every day we do the 7 minute workout together (a great free app) and an ab workout. She's kicking my butt.

untitled (133 of 200).jpg

5:00 pm - On Wednesday afternoons our middle-school neighbor babysits while I do errands. She's amazing. Today she built the kids a huge blanket fort in the basement.

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6:00 pm - I mange to read (some of) the paper before dinner. Is anyone else wigged out about the missing airplane? While I read, P hands me a letter she wrote me at school. Love.

untitled (147 of 200).jpg

6:15 pm - I decide that we NEED to take the puppy for a walk before the storm rolls in. The girls scooter ahead, leaving me and T to deal with Odessa.

untitled (176 of 200).jpg

6:30 pm - The rain starts during our walk. So P decides to dance. Of course.

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