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On Monday Arlington county canceled school because of a snow storm. Then on Tuesday, we didn't even need winter jackets. I think I'm renaming this season Sprinter or maybe Wing.

T's decided to start mowing the snow, which seems to make as much sense as anything else.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Now click on over to Cherish This Day to see lots of amazingness.


* 25 Arts and Culture Documentaries Available on Netflix streaming. I love a good Netflix list - we watched Bronies the other night and . . . well . . . I still don't get it. But Helvetica was really good.

* The weekend huddle - I loved this, so so true for our lives as well.

* NPR's SXSW mix. I'm obsessed with Streets of Laredo and Public Service Broadcasting.

* I want this book.

* This is our neighborhood, apparently our zip code is the most diverse in the country (which explains why I can never correctly pronounce the names of my children's friends, lots of nationalities all in one little grade school), I'm so proud to live in such such an amazing place.

* I don't have a bucket list (because it would never end), but I would love to celebrate Holi one day. Can't the US adopt some sort of colorful celebration for spring? What ever happened to May day?

* Awful Library Books. How did it take me so long to find this blog? HYSTERICAL!

* An app for speed reading. Has anyone tried this? I'm curious.

* A prison mural made with hair gel, sheets, and plastic spoons. So beautiful.

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