Things to Do - Grateful List (February 2014)


* Reading Divergent (not exactly great literature, but still fun to read)
* P (practically inhaling) the Magic Treehouse books
* Watching the Winter Olympics (Sochi) as a family
* Attending Orphie and the Book of Heroes at the Kennedy Center
* Watching Ender's Game for family movie night (though the end made P cry for an hour)
* Watching the Lego Movie in the theater as a family
* Checking out American Cool at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery
* Reading Sheila Kohler's Magic Man from The Best American Short Stories 2013
* Tolstoy's "gentlemen's problem" story in Childhood, Boyhood and Youth
* Listening to Quilt
* F's obsession with the Sisters Grimm series
* Reading The Ersatz Elevator (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 6) with the kids at night (and talking about the ridiculousness of "in")

* T and his friend, T, spending two hours in the Burger King tunnels

* Making fortune cookies with the kids
* Our juice fast from Puree Juice Bar
* Hector's vitamix margaritas at happy hour (lots of fruit made me full instead of drunk).
* Cayenne lemon water

* Fun new games from Think Fun
* The Waterlogue app

* Saturday night drinks with the neighbors
* T - "Do you want to pretend we're Indians that like marble runs?"
* Playing Rat a Tat Cat & Zingo with kids
* P to her friend, L - "your mom talks on the phone all day and my mom sits on the computer all day."
* T's love of the Swifter
* F and P sleeping together every night
* Jim and Val's return from China
* P writing reports (for fun) on Abraham Lincoln and dinosaurs
* Dinner/drinks with Shannon and Valerie at Rosa Mexicana
* Dan to P - "Don't worry, we'll sit down tonight and find a way to conquer the Rainbow Loom."
* T sitting on P's lap when he got his shots
* Walking the preschool rope for a Frozen playdate
* F making breakfast and unloading the dishwasher in the mornings, T dressing himself, and P making her own lunch
* Drinks til 3 am with Tyler and Jessie
* BBQing with Hector and Janeese
* P always reading books to T


F - a mom who is a great dancer, a really great family, school, that my teacher is having a baby, a nice house to live in and food to eat, that our bodies work to keep us healthy

P - my friends, books, going up a reading level at school, the Magic Treehouse, going to grandma's house, ice skating, Too Cute [tv show], the Puppybowl, everything, all my friends, gymnastics, Natalia, the carnival at school, that we all stayed healthy this winter

T - going to grandma's house, Coco, my family, the Olympics, when daddy's home, Jim and Val, Lemony Snicket, going over to the neighbors' houses, Natalia

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