Places to Go (Vacation) - Disney World 2015, Part II (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, & Hollywood Studios)

Four days in Disney went by in a blur, during the haze of which I remember F asking, "can we just go back to the condo and watch TV for awhile?" To which I replied and (somewhat scarily) actually meant, "NO!! Fun takes effort!" Every vacation needs a mantra, doesn't it? Actually, we did truly have fun, just exhausting fun.

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We spent day two at Dan's and my favorite park - Animal Kingdom. We thought this place was incredible before, but now that the kids are old enough to go on Dinosaur and Everest we couldn't get enough. Plus, the three plus one fastpasses a day really last here as there is so much else to see (animal trails, Lion King, dinosaur carnival games, etc.). Animal Kingdom has the only petting zoo I've ever experienced where none of the animals seem to defecate (only in Disney).

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Not only do they now love roller coasters, they even throw their hands in the air (just like a pop music song).

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Stuffed animal purchases for each best friend.

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Fun takes effort!!

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By Magic Kingdom on day 3, we were all pretty exhausted (hence, the small number of photos taken). But on the upside, T LOVED Space Mountain, so I guess we're a family that roller coasters now. The Haunted Mansion will always be my absolute favorite (esp. when you take the ghost home with you), but Thunder Mountain at night proved much better than anticipated. And, as always, I'm a complete sucker for the stagecoach dancers on Mainstreet USA.

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It only took T twelve hours to lose that toy gun. Then came the sadness. So. much. sadness.

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The ice cream cone comes with mouse ear cookies. Of course.

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The Magic Kingdom at night is truly magical. And on Superbowl Sunday, it's empty as well.

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We slept in/lounged around before heading to Hollywood Studios on Day 4, which would have worked perfect except a huge storm rolled in. So. much. rain. Oh well, we needed a long afternoon off.

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NOW WE NEED A SUMMARY: (their picks are so different than in 2012 (blogged here).

Faves - The Safari in Animal Kingdom, Soarin', Haunted Mansion, Muppet Vision 3D (also Benihana (read more about our meal here) and the German buffet in Epcot)
Yuck - Mission Space, Fantasmic

DAN (Age 38)
Faves - Everest, Haunted Mansion, Dinosaur, Buzz Lightyear
Yuck - Mission Space, The Great Movie Ride

F (Age 9)
Faves - Everest, Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror
Yuck - Fantasmic ("Mickey's dream was so cheesy")

P (Age 8)
Faves - Everest, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain
Yuck - Fantasmic

T (Age 5)
Faves - Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear, Thunder Mountain
Yuck - "I don't have any non-favorites"

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