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Last weekend we took a quick four day trip to Disney World. I hope to have some photos up next week, but in the meantime I'm still readjusting to winter in Virginia.

I took this shot outside our rental condo at Blue Heron Resort, I love when the kids stop fighting and dance together.

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Don't forget to check out everyone's gorgeous photos on Cherish This Day.


* 3 minutes at -264 degrees. I know it's bizarre, but I sort of want to try this.

* "I'm About to Pitch a Fit" - this might be my favorite collection of images ever. Yay storytelling photography!!

* New reads for February. I'm excited for Girl in a Band.

* Broad City paper dolls.

* "This is the map" - Frances McDormand on aging.

* 57 things you can do to be a better cook right now. I need to print this and keep it in the kitchen.

* And speaking of cooking, I really want this book.

* 25 cool statement kids' tees. I might have to do some shopping.

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